Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Call of Duty and E.A.D!!!

Hi! My husband has only been gone less than a week and I've already completed 3 projects. It's a good way to keep myself busy. I even woke up bright and early Tuesday morning to get in line for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game release, just so Spencer can play it as soon as he gets back from their work-up(Navy) aboard the USS Stennis.

Last month I shared a magnetic board I applied the super cute vinyl rub-ons from the
Just Because set. I love this set so much I decided to use it for my project to share with you today. I went to our local dollar store and bought a glass vase. I then took the Just Because set in Mint, Cream, and Pink and used the side trim pieces. I left the mint trim the width it was, and then trimmed the cream a little smaller and the pink the smallest. Then I applied 3 of the flowers(1 in each color) and then added 2 of the little birds. Then I added some clear pebbles and my bamboo stalks.

My Recipe:
(3) E.A.D. Designs - Just Because sets (mint, cream, pink)
(1) glass vase
(1) bag clear pebbles

Make sure you check out the E.A.D Store today because the set I used is on sale!!!!
Have a great day!


Amy said...

That is so cute!! And I'm laughing because we did the COD thing too for our boys..LOL..midnight release party...

Lindsay Spencer said...

This is great! What a great idea. I think I'll make something like this for my Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Emily said...

SO CUTE! Love the idea. I think i better hit the dollar store today :)

Lydia said...

that is so cool, great idea!

Jenn said...

awesome project!