Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ho Ho How neat is EAD?

Wow here we are over half way done with November. For this week's project I decided to make so Holiday cubes/blocks. I think those wooden blocks with different vinyl from EAD Designs are so cute, so I needed to make some for myself. I made 3 inch blocks out of cardstock. They were very easy to make. After assembling my blocks I cover each side with a different paper.

Ok, now for the good stuff: The VINYL!!!!

As soon as I seen the HO! HO! HO! set in the Christmas section, I knew I wanted to make some blocks with them! I ended up ordering them in 6 colors- 2 reds, 2 greens, 1 white, and 1 silver. I wanted to use them in sets of 3, but I didn't want to make 6 blocks to show the color combinations that I wanted. I decided to do one set on the "front" and then turned them around and put the other set on the "back" side. This way, depending on how I decorate I can pick one of the sets to coordinate with the decorations. After applying the HO! HO! HO!'s I added stickles around the letters.

At that point I could have said "ok they are done", but I felt they were missing a little something.


I used 15 snowflakes from the Snowflakes vinyl set in silver and white.

Side A

Side B

My Recipie:
(6) vinyl HO! HO! HO!'s
(15) vinyl snowflakes
(6) different patterned papers
(2) sheets of 12x12 cardstock
stickles of your choice

I hope you all enjoyed my project:) Also make sure you check out the EAD blog for sales and enter in the tagline contest. If your tagline is choosen, you will win a $50 gift certificate!!!! Contest ends Nov. 25th!!! Can't wait to see what tagline is picked!

Have a great day!


Jenn said...

super cute!

I have a snowflake post tomorrow :) hehe

Emily said...

These are so Adorable.
I think i need a set for my desk.